Plan for Success

Whether you are a high school senior or just beginning your seventh-grade year at Smethport, our Guidance and Counseling Department is here to answer any questions you have. Planning is vital to your success both now and in your career to come, so don’t be a stranger. We strive to ensure that every student has the opportunity to reach his/her full potential and invite you to contact us with questions.

School Code: 394-615

Career Library

Pennsylvania’s College and Career Readiness standards introduce students to the skills they’ll need for life after high school—whether they’re planning to attend college or jump right into the workforce. At Smethport, students begin preparing for that life in seventh grade. Using tools like Pennsylvania’s Occupational Outlook Handbook and Career Cruising, we build students’ career awareness, set career goals, and help them research necessary educational paths to take in reaching those goals. We teach students how to build a resume, help them develop interview skills, and work on interpersonal skills that will help them succeed on the job. We also highlight entrepreneurial skills in our business and tech classes and encourage students to check out our Career Library for additional resources.

Preparation Time is Never Wasted Time

One of the biggest indicators of life success is a person's willingness to prepare. We get it. The preparation part is not the fun part. But once it’s done, preparation allows you to enjoy the fun part of the moment to its fullest. Here are some quick tips to get you started. Each evening, take some time to:

  • Organize
    Empty your book bag, file the loose papers, and start fresh.
  • Prioritize
    Review your assignments. Decide what is the most important and urgent homework, and start there.
  • Study
    Spend a minimum of 45 minutes each night completing homework and reviewing your materials for any upcoming tests. 
  • Read
    Use any extra time and more to read. Make a goal to read a minimum of 25 minutes each day. You’ll be amazed what this will do for your vocabulary and SAT/ACT score. (Don’t forget to track your work in Accelerated Reader.)
  • Review
    Double-check your work. Have you completed all your assignments? Do you have progress reports or papers that need to be signed? Are you prepared for class?
  • Pack
    Repack your bag. Do you have everything you need for tomorrow? What about the following:
    • Class Supplies (completed assignments, signed papers, textbooks, notebooks, folders, and library books)
    • Money (lunch and/or snack money, library fines and fees)
    • Clothes/Shoes (gym, sports practice, choir uniform)
    • Food/Drinks (lunch, pre-game snacks)
  • Relax
    Put everything you need in a designated area and relax. You’re ready for the morning rush!

Junior High Students

It's never too early to start thinking about college prep. While you may not be choosing a college just yet, the academic foundation you set today will impact your future options. This year commit to:

Solid Academic Foundation
The first step in fulfilling your dream of succeeding in college is to start laying a good academic foundation. What you learn in middle school will make a huge difference in what classes you’re able to take (and excel at) in high school. Obviously, classes like English, history, math, and science are important, but don’t forget about skills classes like typing, computer applications, and business accounting. 

Next, read, read, read. You’ll be amazed what reading will do for your vocabulary and writing skills. Good essay writing is essential to garnering scholarships! Read everything from books to news articles and blogs, play word games, and make sure you have (and are using) a library card.

And finally, start working on extracurriculars. Colleges love to welcome well-rounded students. Students who volunteer, intern, and/or can show achievement through sports and hobbies are often the first to land big scholarships. Middle school is a time of exploration. And rightly so. Explore new interests and discover hidden talents;  just remember to keep this aspect of life in balance. It is much easier to manage involvement (and carry it through) in one or two activities than to enter high school committed to dozens.

And don’t forget to read our Junior High Rules of Success!