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Our students are making headlines, and we want to share all the great news with you. We will keep this page updated with important announcements, news stories, and student shout outs. Please check in often and help us celebrate our students’ many achievements.

Science Christmas Tree

Smethport Area High School students created ornaments to decorate the science wing Christmas tree.

  • Mrs Acker’s classes:
    • Anatomy and Physiology created an ornament of the muscle tissue. The requirement was to label each part of the muscle tissue and describe its function.
    • Applied Physics: created an ornament that had to be holiday/winter themed and show Newton's Three Laws of Motion. Their requirement was to describe the three laws and explain how their picture showed the law.
    • Environmental Science: Created crystal ornaments that reviewed the factors that affect solubility. They used the solubility chart to make a supersaturated solution, created an ornament from a pipe cleaner, and then crystalized their pipe cleaner.
    • Chemistry: The chemistry class created metallic ornaments using galvanized steel and copper sulfate solution. They drew on their ornament and then reacted the ornament to create a "rusted" look.

  • Mrs Lightner’s classes:
    • Environmental 9: Students created four different colored paper chains representing four macromolecules and their monomers with elements listed on the individual links.
    • Biology: Created cell organelle ornaments including the location, function, and in which type of cell the part is located. The ornament had to be artistically representative of the organelles' actual structure or indicative of its function.
    • General Science 8: Created three-dimensional ornaments representing a realistic application of one of Newton’s Laws of Motion.

We graded each student based on an assessment rubric listing requirements for each project.

Science TreeScience Tree with teachers

December Students of the Month

Congratulations to Oliver Johnson, 11th grade, and Owen Holmberg, 9th grade, for being selected as the students of the month. Each month the Smethport Area Junior-Senior High School teachers nominate and recognize one senior high and one junior high student for their exemplary character. Way to go, students!

Oliver Johnson and Owen Holmberg pose together in front of a wall of art and a sign reading Fern Coppedge Landscapes Replicated by 8th Grade Art Class
2019 Christmas Show Choir

The show choir recently performed for the Smethport Rotary, Sena Kean residents, and Lakeview residents. It was a great experience for the students involved. 

2019 Christmas Show students posing for a picture outside of school building
Ninth Grade Field Trip

view more photos from the ninth grade field tripOn Friday, December 6, 30 ninth grade students attended Career Horizons at the JCC. They participated in three sessions: The More You Learn The More You Earn, Soft Skills, and Time Management. They were also given the opportunity to rotate and talk with over 40 career representatives in a variety of industries.

2019 Technology Department Toys for Tots
Technology students with hand-made toys

Students in the manufacturing enterprise class at Smethport Area Junior-Senior High School, taught by Shane Locke, technology education teacher, have crafted approximately 100 toys that they will donate to Toys for Tots. 

After finding ideas for the toys on the internet, students used reverse engineering to devise their plans for making the toys. Students then worked to mass produce their toy as a team. Over the past few years, Smethport students have donated well over 1000 toys to the Toys for Tots program.

Shown are some of the students with their projects. From left to right: Kameron Rounsville, Bryan Young, Jason Smith, Caroline Todd, Devin Williams, and James Bickford.

    2019 DECA Competition

    View more photos of our 2019 DECA competitionSmethport DECA competed in their first District 1 competition at UPB on Tuesday, December 10. They spent weeks preparing for the written exam and role-play to compete against approximately 150 students from eight different school districts. Our hope as an academic club was to walk away with something of value. Maybe it was making it through an intense written exam, conquering a role play, or having the opportunity to network with other young people.

    They achieved all of that and Smethport DECA is proud to announce that ten of the member's pictured qualify to advance in his/her chosen event to the state competition in Hershey in February. Nine of the students placed second overall in his/her event and one student placed first in his event. Plus, the first-place winner received the award of the “Best Role Play”, “Best Test Score”, and the most “Outstanding Student Award.”

    Congratulations to each of you for taking on the challenge and trying something new! You make us HUBBER proud!