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Notices of Positive COVID-19 Test - May 3 and 4, 2021

Smethport Area School District received notifications that a student at the Smethport Elementary School tested positive for COVID-19, and one student at the high school tested positive for COVID-19. At this time the situation does not require the schools to close. Please read our letters of notice for May 3 and 4, 2021, for further details and information.

Information for Families: Remote Instruction

Currently, Smethport Elementary and High School are both open for in-person instruction. We are hopeful to keep schools open as long as we can. However, we advise parents and families that rising case counts increase the chance that we will shift to remote instruction "at-home distance learning" for our students. A shift to remote instruction will be driven by actual positive case counts in each school, evidence of the virus spreading in school, and/or staffing shortages. It is possible that either the elementary school, the high school, or both schools could shift to remote learning on short notice.

If one or both of our schools shift to remote learning, teachers and staff will work from school. We may require students to attend school to obtain internet. Based on their educational program, some students may have to attend school. Transportation will still be available, and meals will be available for pick up or delivery. The district will consider shifting high school students to remote learning if they are needed at home to assist elementary age siblings and family members. The shift to remote learning could occur on short notice, so please prepare in advance. In general, any school-wide shift to remote learning will last approximately two weeks or longer.

Please help us keep school open for in-person instruction! Everyone must follow all health and safety protocols, wear face coverings, practice social distancing, limit travel and activities, wash hands, and stay home if you are ill. They minimize the spread of COVID-19. Please do everything that you can to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

SASD Buses Equipped with Audio and Video Recording

We are notifying parents, guardians, family members, and students that SASD equips school buses with audio and video recording equipment. The board authorizes the use of video and audio recording on school buses and school vehicles for disciplinary and security purposes. We will utilize bus cameras that record both video and audio on the bus for any transportation with a school-related purpose. Please view SASD Policy 810.2. We are doing this to promote the safety of all students who ride Smethport school buses.

Health and Safety Plans Approved

On Wednesday, February 17, 2021, the Smethport Area Board of School Directors approved revisions to the health and safety plans and provided direction to continue operating school under Plan A. Smethport Schools will continue to be open for in-class instruction. You can view the health and safety plan, appendices for the plan, and the athletic health and safety plan in the following attachments. Please contact with questions, comments, or concerns regarding the plans. You can direct immediate questions on making adjustments to your educational choice to the high school (814) 887-5545 or elementary school (814) 887-5012.

Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program

The opportunity scholarship tax credit program is available to Smethport students for the 2021–2022 school year. Based on achievement results from the state testing programs, Smethport Jr./Sr. High School students qualify for a program to assist them in attending another participating public or non-public school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To learn more, please review the opportunity scholarship tax credit program letter from the administration as well as review the overview of the program flyer.